What is MediaStart?

MediaStart is a community project that is aimed at individuals living in the Manchester or Greater Manchester area, aged between 18-25, who are unemployed and out of education. MediaStart will run over 4 months with one taster session per month, per sector. Taster sessions are 90 minutes. During this time, attendees receive tailored industry advice, CV assistance, hands on work experience, and more. The taster sessions are then followed by “follow-up workshop” sessions for intensive hands on industry experience, backed up with blogs and further information to be accessed via social media. The “follow-up workshops” last for 7 hours, giving attendees experience in all sections of production, from producing scripts and writing music to filming, recording and editing. Each taster and workshop session will hold up to 20 attendees, so get involved today!

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What do you get?
Industry speakers

Tailored information from media profressionals.

Industry Advice

Advice and direction from successful professionals.

group exercises

Hands on work experience with live equipment.

cv Assistance

Assistance and advice about the necessary content within your CV, how to build and design and how to best represent yourself to potential employers.

industry referrals

Career direction, advice and access to our Resource Pack that provides a wealthy amount of resources to assist with your career path and choices.

get involved

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