Frequently Asked Questions

Account Queries

How do I contact support?

As an existing customer, you can contact support via:

My Account > Social > Messages > Compose.

Send your message directly to support by typing APDirecting in the ‘Send To’ field.

To contact the vendor, please use the dicussions tab underneath the product. APDirecting should not be contacted regarding general product queries unless there is something to report.

No password during registrastion?

When you create an account, we email you with your password to verify your email address. You can update your password at any time via the My Account and Account Details sections.

How do I submit to APD:Radio?

To submit music to APD:Radio, please go to: To submit a promotional jingle, please email us with a brief description of your jingle, what you are promoting and how long you are requesting this to be promoted for.

How do I get involved with MediaStart?

Follow us on social media for updates on when we will be running the next period of taster events and workshops.

What is APDirecting Media Networking?

Media Networking is a new service connecting media creatives through networking events, online webinars and much more. We have now launched our online networking, which can be found via ‘My Account’ and ‘Social’, for free. Our other networking services are coming soon. Follow us on social media for updates.

How do I change my social profile images?

You can change your profile images via

My Account > Social > Change Profile Photo / Change Cover Image.

Vendor Queries

How do I become a vendor?

Whilst registered as an existing customer, you can choose to upgrade your account by requesting to register as a vendor, via the My Account page.

What if I don't sell for the main 5 sectors?

If you want to become a vendor but don’t directly provide services for Film, TV, Radio, Music or Sound, don’t worry. You can simply categorise your product or service under ‘Other’ when creating your product page.

How do I know when I'm a vendor?

You’ll know if you’re a verified vendor when you see an additional section below within your My Account section entitled ‘Dashboard – manage your account here’. You will also get an email confirming your new role.

Why don't I have permissions to upload images?

Whilst on your vendor dashboard, editing your shop settings, you may get an error message whilst trying to upload media files (your logo and banner). If you receive the following error message: “You don’t have permission to attach files to this post” then you will need to Click Here and upload your media files (your logo and banner) through this method. Upon successfully uploading your preferred images for your logo and banner, click shop settings at the top of the page, edit, go to media files and click replace,  upload and choose your two media files by inserting them into the post. Please remember to save your options.

Why do my 'Social Media' links go to the wrong page?

You will need to be aware of how you are entering your URL – ensure you are starting the link with https://

For example: entry entry entry

When you have entered the URL in the correct formats, it will successfully redirect your customers to the correct social media link.

What's the difference between my profiles?

As a vendor, you have two profiles: your social profile and your shop profile. Both are edited via the My Account section.

Your social profile can be accessed via My Account > Social > Profile > Edit.

Whilst, your shop page is edited via My Account > Dashboard – manage your account here > Shop Settings > Shop Front.

Vendor Queries

How do I add a product?

Vendor Dashboard > Product Manager > Add Product

Add a product name, add short (bottom of page) and long (top) descriptions (one will appear at the bottom of your product under ‘description’ and the other will be displayed right beside your product), add a regular price and a sale price if you have a sale on your product currently > choose a product type (automatically set to ‘simple product’ by default) > tick the boxes if it is a virtual/ downloadable product > add your relevant Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Shipping Policies > (down the left hand side) choose your product category > you can skip the product tags and vendors > add your main product image, followed by related product gallery for additional product images. You can fill out the other product data as you wish, including shipping, linked products, inventory, etc, as needed.

At any time you can preview what your product will look like or save the product as a draft by the Publish tab on the top right hand side.

When your product is complete, simply Submit For Review and the admins will review your product and publish it if everything looks okay!

Why can't I edit my product?

Once approved, live products cannot be edited by vendors. Please contact APDirecting and explain how you’d like your product updated and this will be done for you.

How do I add a coupon?

Vendor dashboard > promote > add coupon.

For example, to create a coupon to give someone 50% off your products you would enter – Coupon amount = 50 and select “Product % Discount” for ‘discount type’.

To complete your coupon, press publish.

TIP: Make your coupon code easy to remember, for example, “GET50OFF” or “20OFFAPRIL”.

What is the Discussions Tab?

Customers can ask questions prior to or post purchasing from your store via the Discussions Tabs on your products. As a vendor, you’ll need to keep an eye on your Discussions Tabs and be available to answer customer queries. You will receive an email notification per discussion query. All comments are approved by admin, including vendor’s.

How do I receive payments?

Once you’ve registered as a vendor and have been approved, you’ll want to start selling your services. In order to be paid your commissions, you’ll need to link your PayPal account to your store. You can link your PayPal simply by:

Vendor Dashboard > Store Settings >  Billing

Enter the email address you use to sign into your PayPal account where it asks for your “PayPal ID” and save your settings. Admin will use this to pay your commissions.

Commissions are paid 2 weeks after the initial sale due to the protection of the buyers funds for 14 days. After 14 days and if there are no disputes requesting refunds, funds are released to our Vendor’s PayPal accounts for their sales, 2 weeks prior.

Are there any additional charges?

Please be aware the PayPal apply their own additional charges for using their service. This is currently:

3.4% + 20p per transaction

Customer Queries

How do I contact a vendor about a product?

To contact the vendor prior a purchase, please use the dicussions tab underneath the product.

I'm locked out of my account! Help!

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by Clicking Here.

How to resolve issues I'm having with my vendor?

If you and a vendor can’t come to an agreement about a refund, you can raise a dispute and have APDirecting investigate the matter. APDirecting should only be contacted if you have already tried to resolve the issue with the vendor, primarily, and have been unsuccessful.

We will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.

From the social options within your account, send a message to APDirecting and advise that you’ll like to raise a dispute.

I paid for a downloadable product, where it is?

When your payment has been processed for a downloadable product, you can find this product in:

My Account > Downloads.

If you paid for a downloadable product as a guest buyer, without an account, then you will be able to find the product and download this via the order confirmation email sent to you after the purchase has been made. You may need to check your junk folder for this email.

Payment Queries

Which payment methods are accepted?

Paypal is the available payment option.

How secure is my data whilst shopping?

Your data is secure whilst using our store. Payments made via Paypal are safe and your details are protected by Paypal’s security methods. By using Paypal during checkout, you receive a faster, safer and informed checkout experience. You won’t need to save any payment methods on our site, simply pay via PayPal when you’re ready to checkout. We don’t save your payment methods.

What exactly happens after ordering?

You and the vendor should both have an understanding of how long your product or service will take to reach you. If this information is not made clear by the product or service description, please use the discussions tab to ask the vendor pre/post sale questions – to avoid any confusion, delays or disappointments.

After you have made your order, your vendor will either begin on the service you have requested or your downloadable product will be added to your downloads instantly and also emailed to you. You may need to check your junk folder for any emails from us. You can also expect email confirmation of your payment and order.

When you receive your product or service, you can then leave your feedback accordingly or raise any necessary disputes by contacting your vendor.

What if vendor suggests I pay outside of website?

If you pay the vendor privately, by other means, outside of this website, then your payment/purchase is not protected by APDirecting’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Refunds Policy.